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Overthrone is a hectic twin-stick  battle royale, where friends become foes as you compete to claim the crown! Grab weapons and power-ups that are scattered around the arena to give yourself an edge in this frantic competition. If you fall in combat, fear not; take revenge as a ghost by destroying the ground underneath your killer and plummeting them to their doom!  However, in the end, only one can become the ruler. Will you triumph? Or will you be… OVERTHRONE?!

Winner of the 2019 IEEE GameSIG Intercollegiate Games Showcase!

2-4 players and controllers required.

Team Members and Contributions:

  • Brian Lam - Lead Programmer,Tech Artist, Designer
    • Shader programming to develop all Visual Effects
      • Examples: fire, water, clouds, black holes, lightning, explosions, tile effects, weapon effects, etc.
    • Player movement/animations and Xbox controller integration
    • designed underlying system for skills, stats, and powerup interactions
    • UI/UX for character select screen
    • Map manipulation: map editor tool, loading, shrinking map, destroying tiles
    • Developed Laser, Shotgun, and Icicle weapon
    • Scoring system + score display screen between rounds
  • Nikhil Sharma - Programmer, Designer
    • Audio implementations, audio settings
    • Ghost Controller, Ghost Movement, Ghost Attack
    • A few shaders (dotted ghost line, ghost shader)
    • Bow attack and charge
    • Dodge
  • David Jamgochian - Programmer, Designer
    • Most of menu UI and scripts
      • logic for players logging in and menu controls based on XInput
      • Implemented UI design for the main menu, and part of the audio menu
    • Internal workings of Black hole weapon
  • Kyle(Dikai) Fang - Programmer, Audio
    • Menu, Battle, Credit, Finale. Fanfare Music - composed and created music
    • Button remapping  UI and logic of remapping button  
    • Burning powerup - implemented a powerup reducing HP overtime
    • Edited voiced-acted sound effects
  • Ben Ishii - Artist, Producer
    • Sprite Art - created various images used throughout the game
    • 3D Modeling - created 3D models for map environments
    • Producer
      • Managed and distributed team workload
      • scheduled rooms for meetings
  • Diego Guzman - Designer, Programmer
    • Map Design - designed and implemented all maps featured in final build.
    • Worked on: Bomb, Slingshot, was involved balance discussions
    • 3D Modeling - created the player model.
    • Implemented logic for Map Selection

Install instructions

run  Overthrone.exe


Initial Brainstorming Info 81 kB
Overthrone 41 MB

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